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The puzzles are very difficult with the solution, the world of puzzles is considered one of the distinguished worlds that are relied upon in order to strengthen memory, and reach a greater degree of intellectual activity, and there is now a large group of applications that display and rely on puzzles at the present time, in addition to that the puzzles It is more widespread among children who are tempted to think and meditate, and in a content site we will learn about very difficult puzzles with their solution.

Gas is very difficult with the solution

At the present time, there are a very large number of difficult puzzles that require a moment of thought and meditation in order to reach the correct solution to them. Also, reviewing the puzzles makes the mind more open and aware and brings a lot of information to individuals, especially those who are still in the prime of their lives. Following is a very tricky gas with a solution: [1]

  • Riddle 1: The stupid man wastes me, the common man spends me, and the wise man invests me, who am I?
  • The solution: time.
  • The second riddle: I have four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening, so who am I?
  • The solution: the man, as when he was a child he crawled on all fours and when he became old he walked on his two feet, and in old age he used a cane.
  • The third riddle: 40 white horses are on Hamra hill and are standing steady, so who are they?
  • The solution: the teeth.
  • The fourth puzzle: It is located in the center of Paris, so what is it?
  • The solution: the letter ra.
  • Puzzle 5: What was the highest mountain on Earth before Mount Everest was discovered?
  • The solution: Mount Everest.
  • The sixth riddle: It cannot be seen, heard, or touched, although it is present everywhere and does no harm. What is it?
  • The solution: air.
  • Puzzle 7: A barrel of water weighs 60 pounds, what must be done to make it only 40 pounds?
  • The solution: pierce it.
  • The eighth riddle: Something that does not work unless you insert your finger in particular, so what is it?
  • The solution: scissors.
  • Riddle ninth: Who is the only maternal uncle of your aunt’s children?
  • Proclamation: Father.
  • Riddle 10: Something that loses its tail when it walks?
  • The solution: a sewing needle.

Fun and varied puzzles with the solution 2021

Gas is very difficult to solve

Difficult puzzles always need to think deeply in order to reach their solution, at a time when puzzles rely on simple information that exists in reality and are dealt with on a daily basis, but without paying attention to this matter, that is why individuals always want to get the most difficult Riddles to gain as much knowledge and activation as possible for the mind, and the following are riddles and their solutions:

  • The first riddle: What must be broken before it can be used?
  • The solution: the egg.
  • The second riddle: What is the thing that is long when it is small and short in its greatness?
  • The solution: the candle.
  • The third riddle: a question that cannot be answered with yes, so what is it?
  • The solution: No, are you asleep yet?
  • The fourth riddle: something that can be broken without being touched or held, so what is it?
  • The solution: the promise.
  • The fifth puzzle: What is the thing that advances but does not return?
  • The solution: age.
  • The sixth riddle: A man was outside in the rain without a hat or an umbrella, but not a single hair of his head got wet with water, what caused that?
  • The solution: because he is bald.
  • The seventh riddle: He has many leaves and he is not a tree, so who is he?
  • The solution: the book.
  • Riddle 8: What is the thing that when you slaughter it, you cry tears because of it?
  • The solution: onions.
  • Riddle 9: What is the only word that is always mispronounced?
  • Solution: error.
  • Puzzle ten: Something does not enter unless you hit it on the head, so what is it?
  • Solution: screw.

Mystery: What is the name of the young man, his rank, and the type of his car?

Gas and Fawazeer with the solution

There are a large number of riddles that are transmitted in schools among students, as well as in other games that are now widely spread with the spread of technology, as these riddles transport individuals from one world to another completely different, and for this we find a demand for riddles and riddles, The following is a collection of these riddles and riddles with their solutions:

  • The first riddle: Men want me to be in public, but they are afraid of me alone. Who am I?
  • The solution: the truth.
  • The second riddle: What is the thing that, if spoken, is broken?
  • The solution: silence.
  • The third riddle: Something in the room and outside it?
  • The solution: the door of the room.
  • Fourth puzzle: When can we put water in the sieve?
  • The solution: when it freezes.
  • Fifth puzzle: What animal rubs its ears through its mouth?
  • The solution: the elephant.
  • The sixth riddle: What is the thing that if it boils, it freezes?
  • The solution: eggs.
  • The seventh riddle: What is the thing that is present during the day and is not present at night?
  • The solution: the shadow.
  • The eighth riddle: Something is dumb and blind and you do not hear a sound and does not move except on its head, so what is it?
  • The solution: the pen.
  • The ninth riddle: What is the scorpion that does not harm and people are not afraid of it?
  • The solution: the hand of the clock.
  • Riddle 10: Who is the man whose feet are on the ground while his head is high above the stars?
  • The solution: the officer.

Puzzle and solution.. A group of puzzles and its solution is very difficult for smart people only

Gas is very difficult for smart people only

Intelligent people have an amazing ability to reach solutions to puzzles quickly, in light of their superior mental abilities than others, which makes it seem easy and simple for them and complicated for others, but there are also very difficult puzzles that geniuses and smart people need a moment of thinking to reach their solution, for this Emphasis is placed on the quality of these puzzles when asking riddles and questions to them, and the following are examples:

  • Puzzle 1: Which is heavier, a ton of feathers, or a ton of bricks?
  • Solution: The two are the same weight.
  • The second riddle: What has legs but cannot walk?
  • The solution: the table.
  • The third riddle: What has one head, four legs and one foot?
  • The solution: the bed.
  • The fourth puzzle: What is green in the ground and black in the market, but red in the house?
  • The solution: tea.
  • The fifth puzzle: a university where there are no students, what is it?
  • The solution: the League of Arab States.
  • Riddle 6: What is half dry and the other half wet?
  • The solution: the ship.
  • The seventh puzzle: What is the thing that takes you home without moving?
  • The solution: the way.
  • The eighth riddle: What is the thing that exists between heaven and earth?
  • The solution: the letter Waw.
  • The ninth riddle: Who is the one who died and was not born?
  • The solution: Our master Adam – peace be upon him.
  • The tenth puzzle: What is the thing that can accommodate hundreds of thousands and cannot accommodate a Mantouf bird?
  • The solution: the beehive.

Mystery of a woman crying over Saloha’s grave

Gas is very, very difficult with answers

Knowing the answers to very, very difficult puzzles has become a demanding thing, especially in order to highlight the capabilities that the individual possesses as well as to distinguish between peers, and it is currently possible to view a large group of very difficult puzzles that need geniuses in order to reach their solution quickly, and for this, while The following is a group of very difficult gases with their solution:

  • The first puzzle: What is the word consisting of 4 letters meaning animal, but if we replace the last letter it becomes the name of a type of bird?
  • Answer: “donkey” becomes “pigeon.”
  • The second riddle: something that you use all over the body and the more you use it, the smaller it gets, so what is it?
  • Answer: soap.
  • The third riddle: What is the thing that has holes but retains water?
  • Answer: the sponge.
  • The fourth riddle: What will benefit you if you eat it whole and it will kill you if you eat half of it?
  • Answer: sesame.
  • The fifth puzzle: It has no eyes, but it sees everything in front of it, so what is it?
  • Answer: the mirror.
  • The sixth puzzle: What is the thing that is seen as a ball in some cases, and like a banana in some times, and cannot be seen in other times?
  • Answer: the moon.
  • The seventh riddle: What is the thing that has a black color but is useful only if it has a red color?
  • Answer: charcoal.
  • Riddle 8: Something that has teeth but does not bite, so what is it?
  • Answer: the comb.
  • Riddle 9: Something that has neither beginning nor end?
  • Answer: the circuit.
  • Riddle 10: What is the thing that overcomes you but does not harm you?
  • Answer: sleep.

Gas is very difficult with an Egyptian solution

There are a large number of very difficult Egyptian riddles that make people laugh a lot when getting to know the answer, where the questions seem very deep, but the answer is very simple and easy and even provokes laughter, and these riddles are resorted to permanently in the Arab region because of their great impact on individuals, and the following is a large group of them:

  • The first riddle: If a Chinese climbed to the moon, what would happen?
  • Answer: The Chinese will say one.
  • The second riddle: If a Japanese man went to the moon, what would happen?
  • Answer: He will find the Chinese there.
  • The third riddle: Why is wood an orphan?
  • Answer: Because it was cut from a tree.
  • The fourth puzzle: Why do we put milk on tea?
  • Answer: To breastfeed the child.
  • The fifth puzzle: Why does the patient put contact lenses on his eyes?
  • Answer: Because he does not have two ears, he puts glasses on them.
  • Puzzle Six: There is an egg that fell and did not break, why?
  • The answer: Because our Lord will cover it, or because it is painted with “Signal Two” paste.
  • The seventh riddle: Why are tomatoes red and round?
  • The answer: because if it were green and long, it would still be an option.
  • The eighth riddle: An ant is running and nine ants are running after it, why?
  • Answer: Because she scored a goal.
  • Riddle ninth: What is the similarity between estrich and the sea?
  • Answer: The two attend to the smallest details.
  • Puzzle ten: What is the thing that crosses the sea and does not get wet?
  • Answer: the plane.

I beg you about men without the two men

Gas is too difficult for geniuses written

Geniuses have questions that are completely different from other individuals, especially since they have a wonderful memory and are able to reach the solution of puzzles more than others and faster than them as well, for this reason geniuses are specialized in different types of puzzles that are difficult and ordinary people are not able to solve, and this can measure a person’s ability and what Possessed by intelligence and genius, the following are very difficult puzzles with the solution for geniuses: [2]

  • The first riddle: Who is the thing that walks on land and has no legs, and if it drinks, it dies with the one with it, and if it is thirsty, it stays alive with the one with it?
  • The solution: the ship.
  • The second riddle: What is the thing that is made of water but dies if you put it in water?
  • The solution: snow.
  • The third riddle: What is the tree that has no shade and no fruits?
  • The solution: the family tree.
  • The fourth puzzle: What is the fruit that consists of four letters, the fourth, second and first of them are the name of a predatory animal, and the fourth, third and first form something without which we cannot make food?
  • The solution: pomegranate.
  • The fifth riddle: If something enters the water it does not get wet, what is it?
  • The solution: light.
  • The sixth puzzle: What Gregorian months have 28 days?
  • Solution: All Gregorian months.
  • Puzzle Seven: Something you can’t unlock, what is it?
  • The solution: the door.
  • Riddle 8: Something must be broken before eating, so what is it?
  • The solution: eggs.
  • The ninth riddle: Someone who always tells the truth and does not lie until he is hungry, so who is he?
  • The solution: the hour.
  • Riddle ten: What is the thing that speaks without a tongue and hears without ears?
  • The solution: the phone.

10 tricky gases with a solution

A group of puzzles classified as difficult may be accessed, which gives users important information they need in their personal lives, whether on the scientific or life level, and for this there is great importance for these puzzles and must be taken care of and widely disseminated, and the following Ten unique and challenging puzzles with their solutions:

  • The first riddle: What is the weakest house on earth?
  • The solution: spider web.
  • The second riddle: What is there five times in the winter and three times in the summer?
  • The solution: points.
  • The third riddle: Who wrote the book “The Mother”?
  • The solution: Imam Shafi’i.
  • Fourth puzzle: How many times can the number 5 be subtracted from the number “50”?
  • The solution: once.
  • The fifth puzzle: What is the house that does not have doors?
  • The solution: the house of poetry.
  • The sixth puzzle: What is the ascending number in the following numerical series (1-5-9-13-17)?
  • Solution: 21.
  • The seventh riddle: What is the thing that if you laugh in front of him he laughs and if you cry he cries?
  • The solution: the mirror.
  • The eighth puzzle: If the hour is 2:50 minutes, what is the hour if the hour hand is in the place of the minute hand?
  • Solution: 10:10 minutes.
  • The ninth riddle: Where is the sea that has no water?
  • The solution: on the map.
  • Puzzle Ten: Something whose name is in the shape of the color it carries, what is it?
  • The solution: an orange and an egg.

The sport that covers the largest area of ​​four letters

At the conclusion of our article, we have got to know the gas is very difficult with the solution, and we have identified a large group of diverse puzzles that can be relied upon with geniuses and with smart people in addition to children, at a time when puzzles are a different and entertaining world for a large segment of people.

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