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Many wonder about the date and time of the International Little Sister Day for the year 2021, as this day is a special holiday for all sisters, because they celebrate their little sister, who brings warmth, kindness and tenderness to her home and all her brothers, despite her young age for them, but she is the only one who can extract sadness From inside them and add a cheerful atmosphere full of joy in their hearts and in the house, which is a place without a soul without her, and through the reference site, we will learn about the history of the International Day of the Little Sister and we will present to you some beautiful phrases to send to her on her birthday.

About the International Day of the Younger Sister

The International Day of the Little Sister is a global, international occasion in which many citizens in various countries of the Arab and Western world celebrate with the younger sister on her day and this feast, in appreciation of her and in gratitude for her beauty. The happiness of her brothers and to see the joy in their eyes is enough for her, that is why this occasion is not a local occasion, but rather it is global and spread in various countries of the world.[1]

When is the date of International Little Sister Day 2022

The date of the International Day of the Little Sister

The date of the International Day of the Little Sister is usually on the 6th of December of each year, which this year will coincide with the Monday of the first week of the month, and it is worth noting that the Sister’s Day celebration is not only about celebrating the younger sister, but there is also an international day to celebrate the sister The elder, which is on August 6, and the middle sister’s day, which is usually on March 22.[1]

Words and pictures about the International Day of the Middle Sister

Phrases for the International Day of the Little Sister

There is no better gift or thing to give your sister in celebration of International Little Sister’s Day than a beautiful phrase like:[1]

  • Without you, my little sister, the house is worthless and without soul. With you and with you, everything is complete.
  • My little darling, every place in you is beautiful, and without you I cannot live with peace of mind.
  • My little sister, you are the most beautiful blessing that God has bestowed upon me in this life. Without you, I am nothing. Your presence with me always makes everything wonderful and beautiful.
  • My little sister and my beautiful Basma of my life, the princess of my heart and the queen of our house, you are the most beautiful and the best, our sweetheart and our first and last lover.
  • My love and my little girl, you are the symbol of safety and the spot of tenderness in our home. Everyone, you soul filled the house with joy and made every place full of joy and happiness. I pray to God to give you a blessing in our lives.

Speech about International Sister’s Day

The younger sister’s invitation to you is a balm that soothes wounds, no matter how sad you are, seeing her makes your heart smile, and the most beautiful words on International Little Sister’s Day:

  • My little sister, I love you with your purity and serenity, I love you as much as all the problems you keep away from me, I love you with the size of your beautiful smile that makes my heart dance when I see it, the size of your kind words and phrases that console me in my grief, may God protect you for me.
  • No matter how far you are from me and no matter how far you are from you, you will remain the only one who comforts my loneliness, makes my heart happy and fills my sweetness, you are my life and my soulmate, my little sister.
  • My best and closest friend is my sister, she is the only one with whom I can talk to what is inside me without embarrassment, and she is the only one who stays by my side and does not leave me nor far from her. May God make her heart happy and protect her for me.
  • My dear sister, you are the eye that understands me, you are the heart that listens to me and knows what is inside me without words, you are the heartbeat of my heart, without you, my heart would stop.

Phrases for the International Day of the Middle Sister

Congratulations on the birthday of the younger sister in English

On the International Day of the Younger Sister, do not forget to gift your sister with phrases that make her heart happy and make her happy, and among the best phrases to gift her in English:

  • I know that you look all the responsibility for my mistakes back then, bless you, my sister.
  • Dear Sister, bless you for always being there for me no matter how much i know i annoy you.
  • You are the one i owe my childhood to, my sister, you made it very memorable for me.
  • You made me happy in ways only a sister ever can, bless you for that, i love you sister.

When is International Middle Sister Day?

Messages about the younger sister

God – Glory be to Him – has honored brother and sister in Islam and all heavenly religions, so the brother or sister is the closest thing to man, and the most beautiful messages on the International Day are for the little sister who lives in your heart and by your side, and if the sister has passed away, God should not forget her on this day. Her heart will also be glad:[1]

  • A sister is a blessing from God whose value in life is known and appreciated only by those whom God has bestowed this grace upon.
  • A good sister is better for a person than himself, and it is the best worldly gain for him.
  • They ask you about purity; Tell them my sister’s heart, there is nothing in the world purer than it.
  • My sister is a piece of my heart, and if he touches her, it harms me twice as much, so keep evil away from her, O God.
  • My sister is my refuge and protection from the treachery of the world. She is the wall in which I take refuge when I am afraid. She is my refuge and my protection.
  • The house without you, my little sweetheart, is worthless and meaningless. With you and with you, everything is complete and illuminates every place. You are the sun for us, and without you, I cannot live with peace of mind.
  • My beloved sister, you are the eye that knows me, you are the heart that listens to me and reads what is inside me without words, you are the beat of my heart and my love is for you to stop this heart.

Poetry about the younger sister

The Arab poets did not neglect to talk about the little sister in their poems, for she is for them safety, security and tranquility. One of the best poems that I wrote about on the occasion of the International Day of the Little Sister:

“My sister’s handwriting I was not ignorant of, my sister always writes to me. Yesterday, she told me about my family, the resentment of longing and the distance from home. She wouldn’t say to me today, “What do you think she didn’t say?” I opened the door and did not find, except for one abridged line. I spelled with some effort that my sister, in a hurry, wrote something about Ali. Ambiguous, perhaps in a little while, it would clear up, and I stopped and did not finish, with shivers of frightened, pleading. And Ali appeared to me as a cloak of dawn’s threads, the brightest of the joyful robes of a gesture of joyful footsteps. Smooth tone, sweet and shy. A smile in his bed asks when kisses will spill out.

O You who calmed my feelings and played the sweetest song of intimacy, love and devoted brotherhood. But my back was a stage for you last nights, you climbed and played like a feisty cat.

How much you slept in my chest and heart or my tender arms, and I guarded you from my little brother’s frail actions. He was jealous of you that we pampered you, his two sisters, how much you slept on a journey on my feet in a good sleep.”

When is International Big Sister’s Day

A poem for the younger sister

Poetic collections are not without love for the younger sister, and the best verses she wrote about her are:

“A lovable nymph, a writer, and a praying man, and a deer that dwelt in the hills of my hair, and my heart is a shepherd.

You were a mother without a daughter in the mortal life, you raised the beloved Fatima with tender hands.

And for what she understood on the day of the shrewd death, she said: “You will return to me as a statement, and it will not be long in coming.” She kept hoping that Rania would come back all the time, and she grew up with the Qur’an and raised a pure girl.

And my father and mother raised you on the lofty qualities, until you grew up and my dream was to see you the high. But God wills something other than what is in his mind, and the Lord chose you with a wisdom that is hidden.

But the will of our Lord is above all creatures, even if I am unable to visit the mortal graves. So our meeting with the seeds of Paradise is hopeful, my dear.”

History of International Middle Sister Day

International Little Sister’s Day Twitter

Through the Twitter electronic platform, the pioneers of this platform activate the hashtag for the International Day of the Little Sister, where this hashtag topped the list of tweets from the Twitter platform.[2]

  • To my sister, my little girl and my little sweetheart, I love you so much.
  • My sister, even if the time is long, my love, and my companion in sadness and laughter.
  • She was created small and she is the most beautiful thing in our house, my beloved little sister.
  • Sister is a small word that carries within it many meanings and broad concepts.
  • You are my life, my happiness, my breath, my sufficiency, my safety, and the reassurance of my heart that prevents me from the misery of this world.
  • She is like a sword, she is there to protect my back, she is a person who is willing to sacrifice for me, she is the equivalent of a thousand stars shining in the sky.
  • My little sister is the source of my life and tenderness, you are not just a sister, you are a friend, you are a family, you are life to life, you are the light that lights my way for me.
  • The little sister is the purity of life and the sweetest part of it, a gift from God.
  • My darling and my little sister, you are the firm rib, a piece of the mother who brings you life.
  • My sister, I do not want her to be sad, I just want to see her laugh, so Lord, as much as her heart is pure, make her the happiest of your creation.
  • I feel eternally grateful to my sister not for something she did, I am grateful for her presence.

The most beautiful prayer for the younger sister

On the International Day of the Little Sister, supplication is the best thing that can be given to her, and among the most beautiful supplications:

  • Oh God, I ask You for all the good for my sister, make her happy and rejoice in her heart, O God, for she is like a breeze that flutters around us to make us happy, and protect her, O Lord, from all evil and be for her a certain good.
  • O Lord, I ask you by every name by which you have named yourself, to make my sister’s heart happy, to keep her away from the worries of life, and to enlighten her heart for what is good for her. O Lord, write her success wherever she is.
  • O Lord, my sister is the cause of my happiness in life, and she is the sun of my days. Help her, O Lord, to meet her needs, help her on her path, and grant her what she loves and is pleased with.
  • Oh God, you alone know what is hidden in my sister’s heart.

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The most beautiful prayer for the deceased younger sister

The younger sister cannot be forgotten if she is dead in the heart always and forever and the best prayer on International Little Sister Day:

  • Oh God, make the longing of heaven for my sister more than my longing for her, oh God, have mercy on her and forgive her and write to us the meeting in your heaven, O Most Merciful of the merciful.
  • Oh God, I have a deceased woman whom I love with great love, and I did not lose sight of feeling her for one day.
  • O Lord, a sister has left our world and bid her farewell, and my heart is broken. Oh God, forgive her as much as I love her. Oh God, make her grave a kindergarten from the gardens of Paradise.

The best gifts for the younger sister

On this world day for the little sister, it is possible to make her heart happy with a simple gift. Among the best gifts that will make her happy:

  • Writing a post for her congratulating her and mentioning her name on social media.
  • A pink or purple rose attached to a small white card that says “I love you, my little sister.”
  • A letter in an envelope like the envelope of good times, written the most beautiful phrases about the younger sister.
  • A book you like and love or a novel you wanted to buy with your signature on it and the phrase “You are the most beautiful sister.”
  • A small frame that collects her picture with you says: “Let us strengthen you with your brother.”
  • Take her for a walk in the flower gardens, invite her to lunch outside the house, or invite her to her favorite movie at the cinema.
  • Buying something she’s been wanting to own for a while and hasn’t had a chance to buy it.

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Little Sister’s Day activities on the International Day website

The World Day website is one of the websites that monitors all the events of any international day. It has also been interested in addressing the activities of the International Little Sister’s Day, as it has published many beautiful messages and phrases for the younger sister, and you can view and watch them “from here”.

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we talked about the date and date of the International Day of the Little Sister. .

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